Monday, September 20, 2010

At Last

Enter Happily Ever After
A little late I know, but I had to wait for a new, better computer as my trusty Vaio has multiple glitches and Skip was always using his for "work" and such nonsense, like he's a writer or something. Then he got a new computer for work, left the country for 10 days and told me to work out all the kinks. I took that as code for relive our wedding by making a video. And it was good.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Grunt It Out

I don't usually like to make fun of others, especially on a public profile such as this where a handful of people might read, but after volleyball this past Thursday I have no choice.

Let's start with a little review of tennis. Watching it on TV you might notice that people grunt, a lot, when they hit the ball across the court. I don't know if it's involuntary or if it's intimidation. Tennis, a weird world I don't understand. Volleyball with its similar ball over the net concept I do, or thought I did.

The team we played against in our first game had plenty of vocalization. "Mine, yours, go, in, out...uhhnechaaa" or in my terms the longest loudest grunt heard during indoor coed volleyball. One tiny girl made that noise  every time she touched the ball. She hits uunng, she digs uuhhhaaa, she serves grruuuhhh, she sets oopphhh, she passes easily uuuunnnhhhh. Except it wasn't that fluid. Reread that sentence like this: She hits, someone sets, she expresses her efforts verbally.

The grunts had a two-three second delay which caused me to laugh hard, uncontrollably and when she served into the net. I think she noticed because the grunts became inaudible afterwards.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Genetics: Recessive and Dominate

You may or may not be aware of the little treat I discovered in my fourteenth or fifteenth year, the Eggtooth. It sits prominently on the right side of my nose dictating that all photos should be taken of my left side. I usually forget that. "I" noticed it when my adoring great aunt asked me about the huge zit on my nose, and should I have something like that looked at?


And so it continues. During times of anger and distress it flashes ominously. Other times it flashes quirkily. And still others it tries to and some pink and blend in as a common bump. Skip kinda likes it, calling it my imperfection on a seemingly perfect face. Although he also called Uma Thurman so ugly she's beautiful. But there's no doubt that the eggtooth is a source of joy for him. So wouldn't be even more stoked if I found another eggtooth?

I'm not sure, but after I noticed Alexis Bledel almost develops a slight eggtooth (it could've been lighting and camera angles and make up), in the final episode of Gilmore Girls I showed Skip a picture of her.

"Wow," he says, "the girl has a huge forehead. Like huge. It competes with my five-head."

Uhhh huh, but look for the eggtooth. You need to see this.

"I mean with out bangs that's ridiculous," he continues. Maybe he would like some bangs too?

And then he spots the almost eggtooth, gasps and spurts out this   "If we have a daughter that's what she'll look like!"

I think that if we time it right our daughter could play her daughter in mockumentary about eggtooths.