Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mom vs. Dad

When Skip's sister flew out to see a fresh young Pippa she witnessed Skip vying for favorite parent status. He had a lot against him seeing as I was the person feeding the babe and really that's all she needed. Now that she needs 24 hours of attention the competitive parenting has actual competitions--who can make her smile, laugh or put her to sleep. I've still got an edge with nursing but after this morning it might not matter.

A little thing called life got in the way and I had to leave Skip in charge for a bit. Pippa's full tummy gave way to a fussy episode that resulted in soaked pajamas prompting an outfit change. Skip gave me the play by play when I returned home a little over an hour later, ending with "Doesn't she look cute?"

This is something I ask Skip multiple times a day. I'll send pictures through text and email or hold her up during a skype session. "Doesn't your daughter look cute?" I'll ask after painstakingly matching her fifth shirt to her third skirt to her socks or leggings and completing the outfit with a headband and bow.

"Notice how the trim on the skirt pulls out the color of the daisies on her top? And look the stitching on her socks are the same as her flower bow, plus it's a complementary color of her buttons. The Sesame Street character on her diaper is in the same color family." We accessorize with blankets, pacifiers, and mommy's outfit.

I looked under the blanket to see what Skip had dressed her in.

"Yes dear, that's a darling onesie."

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Power of P90X

Or something like that. I tend to get the order of the P the 90 and the X confused. Oddly enough, I also get the exercises confused and am usually one or two steps behind or ahead. And I know that you are all hoping this post is complete with a photo of my awesome abs, bulging biceps and cut calves. There are no such photos. There are no such muscles.

No this is a story of the family bonding time created by a 30 minute Core Synergestics endeavor. First, I convinced Skip that there were enough pushups in the program for him to skip the weights at the gym and come home. This was a ploy. I really just wanted a workout buddy and a need to get moving. It worked.

Second, Pippa woke from her nap just as the opening credits rolled. So I threw a blanket on the floor, laid her down and started my warm up stretches beside her. This did not work. She likes to be held. So I held her and modified the activities. During pushups I kissed her nose. And for lunges I held her...and she believed this to be a roller coaster. Here we are high in the sky and now there's a dip. Oh look! there's Dad (giggle giggle giggle). More lunges Mom!

My bum is sore from the Pippa lunges and my abs from all the laughing. Now we know to record our workouts :)