Thursday, July 17, 2014


Oh toddlerhood, with the giggles, the babbles, the crazy logic, and the absolute certainty that with the lines of communication you can begin to educate your parents on fundamental life theories. And so it is with Pippa. Recently she has stopped listening to that old lady who is always giving commands, and has decided to fast-line me to the nursing home. She tells me when to talk, when not to talk, what to wear, what to eat, etc. It would be annoying if not for the hilarious combination of words she finds. Below are just a couple of the most recent Pippaisms we've been treated to.

This is Pippa shooting her bow and arrow as assisted by Daddy.

And have I mentioned the Disney princess underwear, phone and jump rope? We use the phone to call our BFFs Belle, Ariel, and Tangled to set up jumping dates in the garden. Then she noticed this image on her playlist.

Now she asks to hear "moozak, like Bow and Ariel kind."

And we still do potty treats. All the time. Why? Because I don't enjoy hosing down the car seat every day. The sun doesn't shine bright enough to make that possible here. So when Pippa asked for Captain Crunch cereal as a potty treat I naively said yes. I know she's not stoked over cereal and only recently began eating it. She has requested that I only pour the berries out of the box and not the cereal noodles. She just can't stand the sight of the cereal noodles and when I refused to segregate the noodles from the berries, she defiantly sat down and carefully plucked each berry out with her spoon. The berry pile on the table may have left a stain against the white paint.

She has also taken to asking that Daddy shoot anything she deems "kind a scare-wee." Tigers, snakes, thunder, mosquitos, he can hit any target she names.