Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Staying Alive

The countdown to her birthday begins! Pippa has crammed as many "firsts" as she can into these last few days.

Choke? Check. I did the finger swoop and pulled a freeze dried fruit snack from the back of her throat.

Falling down the stairs? Check. She has a nice knot on her forehead.

First independent steps? Check. She won't walk unless she thinks you are holding on to her.

Choke? Again? Check. I pounded her on the back and a piece of pineapple flew across the room.

Dive headfirst into the swimming pool? Check! Although that was mostly fun.

Horrible allergic reaction complete with facial swelling? Check plus. A dose of benadryl and a long sleep later everything seems fine.

If this list feels incomplete, don't worry! We have 10 days before she turns one, we can cover any firsts we need to in that time.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Miss Independent

Someday soon (hopefully by her first birthday) I'd like to collect Pippa's first year posts and print them in a lovely book for her to read when she's older. She does so many lovely interesting things each day that amaze me. Tonight was no different.

Five minutes before bed time we jumped into the shower for a quick rinsing of dinner. I had the washcloth dampened and posed Pippa for a scrub. She furiously shook her head no, making it nearly impossible to wash every nook and cranny. I kept trying and failing. So I decided to scrub my face so she could see what was going to happen.

This encouraged her. She grabbed the washcloth and started washing my face. Then laughing, she started to wash behind her ears, and her cheeks. When I'd reach for the washcloth to help her she'd start fussing again. So I started pointing to the areas I wanted her to wash. And she did it. I'm not saying I have the smartest baby ever, but some days it feels like it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baby Ka-no-leez Beloved Ka-nuffle Bunny Book

Pippa loves the Knuffle Bunny book. Loves in terms of infatuation and obsession. She lights up when she sees the cover. Pushes other books out of the way, off the shelf, throws them to the ground, just to have mommy or daddy hold the too big book in front of her. And that was enough for the first three months.

Now she demands to be read the book. She screams at me if I don't. She crawls after me babbling in the most urgent disgusted tone when I put it away. She wills me with her Jedi mind tricks to read, re-read, re-read, and re-read this book. In fact I can now recite it. In my sleep. While juggling pacifiers.

So we incorporated it into her nightly routine. At least two readings of Knuffle Bunny, complete with Pippa commentary. She points at Trixie, the little girl in the book, and laughs when Trixie talks "aggle flaggle clabble." Pippa hrrmphs when Knuffle bunny can't be found and smuggly giggles huh once Knuffle bunny and Trixie are reunited. Pippa eagerly turns each page then settles onto my lap for a good story. But somewhere in all that excitement, she reached a little too quickly and tore a page.

Knuffle Bunny is in recovery. When Pippa has learned not to bully books I'll reintroduce the two. What a reunion that will be!