Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Three-Year-Long Goodbye

I have a love hate/relationship with running. I hate to love it because, frankly, I'm not good. In fact I boarder the painful-to-watch category of runners. But it does give a certain release and freedom of mind, a tiring of body that I need and can't find elsewhere.

And a few years ago it became mandatory, and then shortly after impossible as I failed to train properly or eat properly or sleep...So I got a pinched nerve that caused a bulging disc that disrupted my neck and shoulder that popped out my hip that randomly and awkwardly rotated my other hip that incurred a bruise that lead to a bum running knee. Did I mention the bloody blisters?

I wanted to continue through the pain (read I'm willing to wait it out and begin again) but my only running supporter gave up. She no longer follows my tweets. I think it has something to do with the lack of running I've maintained.

Or maybe it's the lack of tweeting.

Running I love you! And I'm willing to wait out the pain. See you in a month.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wes Craven Lives in My REM Cycles

I wish it weren't true but I do know how long he's been there--since before I can remember. I know this because every week or so when I do get enough sleep I have nightmares. Nightmares on Memorial Drive, Nightmares on Woodland, Nightmares in Deseret V Tower, Nightmares on Damsel Drive...

The most recent of which involves the reoccurring theme of my hometown and a serial killer that I can identify. Naturally that means he wants my head removed. Fortunately I have not been beheaded in my sleep. Unfortunately I've wrecked my brother's new car, been turned in a blue box that was dying, and sewed my niece's arm back on. Don't you all wish this is where your creativity took you.

But this could be an improvement from my childhood torture. Then I shared a room with my sisters and about once a week I woke up just certain that they really did turn into gremlins like I'd dreamt. It was absolute courage and stupidity that allowed me to shriek so they'd too wake up and I could climb into bed with them. Keep your enemies closer? Close enough to eat me.

Gremlins I couldn't fight, their boiled skin creeped me out. Serial killers? I fight with needle and thread.