Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dangerous Minds

It is official, I am outnumbered in my house. Concern came with the rather large head that incubated in my tummy. Only a head like that could house a brain that thinks exactly like her Daddy. Exactly folks.

 Example A: Skip stashes duck and goose calls in every corner of the house. Why? So he can practice and simultaneously quiz me on nature's pitch at the most inopportune moments, bed time, nap time, six in the morning. I shouldn't have to explain how I feel about this. Pippa hears the call of the wild though. And she answers. As Skip practiced seducing a duck in the basement I was attempting to cuddle a groggy little girl (refer above as to why she was groggy). Upon hearing the Quaack Pippa yelled, "Dadda! Comig Dadda! Comig Dadda!"
She scrambled off my lap, ran to the stairs and smacked into a locked gate producing massive tears because she couldn't get to daddy fast enough.

Example B: She has never met a word or letter she wasn't fascinated with. Hours of books, magazines and Abcs. For weeks Skippa have been watching India Arie sing Elmo the alphabet. I didn't know. But I did buy Pippa magnetic letters to entertain her. While trying to sing and play I was met with resistance and a high-pitched Abcs Abcs. She kept saying no no no to my singing and then mimicked Elmo from the video clip.

Example C: Pippa and Skip giggling at what the other does all the time. Most recently Pippa decided that Skip saying 'dangerous' is hysterical. Thirty minutes of "dangerous" "bwahahahahahaga"... "dangerous" "bwahahahahahaga."

Example D: This video. It is not nearly as funny when she tackles mom.