Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My La-la-la Ucky Girl

Pippa Bean is one la-ucky girl. Unfortunately she did not know this. She did know what ucky meant as I am constantly telling her I have to get the uckies out of her nose and that she can't play with her dirty diapers or eat something from the trash because it is UCKY!
So there stood Dad telling Pippa how lucky she was to have a mommy who insanely sewed late into the night to create the Tinkerbell birthday costume. You know, the one she desperately wanted but will not wear. Anyway, Pippa scrunched up her face at this lecture, which launched Dad into yet another lecture on how she should appreciate her mother more. By now, Pippa's lip quivered and she yelled out, "Imma no UCKY. Imma GIRL!"
Oh English how you fail us at reasoning with a two-year-old. I tried to explain luck (harder than you think) and finally just started singing la-la-la lucky. Since there was song, and a little dance, plus smiles, Pippa decided La-la-la Ucky is good. But she's quick to remind you that she is, "not ucky everywhere."
That is just a taste of the kick-off to her birthday month. On the actual day I snuck into her room at 1a.m. to hang twinkle stars from her ceiling. Because all toddlers sleep through bumps in the night. They never wake up to catch you twinkle-handed and with wide eyes and say, "Ohhhh wow Mommy! Look! Stars!" I scooped her up, shushed her and told her it was paybacks for waking me up two years earlier with intense labor pains. I am that mom.

We had the best morning swimming with friends. Now, I'll skip through the family of three party where the chocolate-chock-full-of-love cupcakes I baked gave her hives. Whoops! Instead we'll focus on the Children's Museum. She sang, she painted, she followed every pretty girl in sight. We had a wonderful time and she's asked to go back every day. Multiple times. Doesn't even matter that we do many of the same activities at home (on a lesser scale). And when I tragically explain that the Museum is too far away she asks for the next best thing, the library.
Pippa's dance moves on the big screen.

At two years of age Pippa:
Chatters constantly.
Gives kiss attacks that resemble a shark chomping at your arm, or neck, or thigh, or nose.
Loves fruits and raw veggies and pizza.
Looks up-downstairs for Daddy Boy anytime she wakes up.
Wants to be a big helper for mommy.
Green is her favorite color. Red is daddy's and mine is purple. We do not vary.
Is incredibly particular about her clothing.
Supervises the catching of her pet lady bugs like it is her job.
Acts like Slimey (Oscar the Grouch's pet worm).
Loves to eat Peacock Toast (french toast).

Happiest year Miss Pippa Girl!