Monday, August 29, 2011

Silence is Rotten

I've been quiet and it's mostly because this whole pregnancy thing took over my brain. To be more exact it took over all functions of my body and my days have consisted of easing nausea with food, candy and drinks. And when those all failed I did the only respectable thing left-lots of McDreamy reruns on computer TV. That was one show I could convince Skip was in our best interest. Watching his look-a-like brought me closer to him, even when I refused to be touched.

Now that the worst of this has passed (fingers crossed) and I my energy levels inched past a sloth, I've got stories. Unfortunately I've also got my Roman Civilization and Law History class starting in five minutes. Here's a shorty to keep you laughing.

Skip and I had a dinner and movie date with our friends on Saturday. We ate some Greek food and settled in for a long western. Of course I brought snacks, of the sweet and salty variety and convinced a gorgeous little 4 year old to sit beside me. As we popped candy corn and peanuts into our mouths she looked up sweetly and smiled. Ahhh the bean inside my tummy should be so adorable. I took a small drink break and tried to pace myself with the goodies.

My pint-sized friend started to hand me candy corn. Apparently she did not like the defects missing the white top. I too like the white tops but am just as happy eating what she deemed weird. After a few I looked over at her prepared to address the importance of loving all candies, not just those that are perfect. She looked up at me and kindly said in her British accent, "I just eat the top parts and give them to you."

Sharing. It comes with spit.