Monday, February 27, 2012

Bean Showers

Earlier this month, back when I truly believed the Bean was going to arrive mid-February not mid-March, my wonderful friend Dory orchestrated a baby shower. Dory enlisted some help from Kristi and the two of them turned an ordinary pizza joint (one that serves special dieters) into a foreshadowing babies and Spring.

It was a great turnout and some of the guys showed up to support the Daddy to be.  I'm sure the coincidence of pizza and candy had nothing to do with that support :)

We loved every minute of it!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Those Eyes

Baby lust has turned to puppy lust for someone I know. I think it's the combination of having a nice fenced in yard, a wife who is home all the time, and all the little baby things lying around.

Who am I kidding? Skip's wanted a dog since we moved here. And I'm holding him back, specifically my reluctance to let the dog live indoors. Now that I have a mini-me on the way, Skip is vying for a hunting buddy. One that licks and wags its tail.

I figured I'd have another year before he started hinting and persuading me that we needed a lab. And then he sent me these.