Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Leaves Memories

"This chair is too big," said Pippa Sandilocks. wanted to hear about the Pippa Sandilocks and the Great Pumpkin, Princess? Here goes.

Pippa Sandilocks grew tired of posing as the Great Pumpkin for Knowlesville so she decided to find a substitute.

As she walked along in search of her replacement she stumbled upon a pumpkin patch.

There hidden was a small round pale pumpkin that felt suspiciously familiar, like looking in a mirror. 


But when she held it to her head it was too small. 

So she looked some more.

Then she found a colossus of a pumpkin. But it was too heavy!

Her next find had a stem that proved way too long.

Poor Pippa held her head in pure self pity. She would never find the perfect pumpkin.

Then suddenly she looked to the left and there it was.

She heaved and she hoed and she nearly face planted trying to lift that plant.

So she summoned her maidservant to lift the plump sphere and carry it home.

And that dear Princess Pumpkin is how you were bestowed your crown here in Knowlesville.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Crafty Warlock

October has passed in a blur of leaf grinding, paper writing, and costume sewing. In the final hours I decided to rope Skip into a craft project...disguised as date night.

Did I say night? Because it spanned a few days for me and occupied a couple evenings for my accomplice. At some point the instructions were unclear and Skip painted a jack-o-latern upside down. No biggie except for the whole burning candle needs oxygen thing. So he flipped it 180 degrees and redeemed himself. I on the other hand drew all my eyes crossed or indented. Some people have artistic vision and mine resembles Van Gogh. Stay tuned for the Fall Photo Essay! We love Halloween.