Sunday, June 15, 2014

Easter Revival

Hello family time! We spent Easter weekend with some of our favorite Greeks and it was fantastic!

The meeting of the P's...actually they've met before, but Pippa found a kindred spirit in Penelope. That or Penelope was the most enchanting, life-sized doll Pippa ever met. Nelly spent many an hour doing the bidding of a two-year old and for that we offer to adopt her every summer.

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. The only thing that competed with the best cousin ever, was the endless bottles of bubbles that Pippa could find. She just had to step out one pesky sliding door and bubble freedom ensued.

Here the hunters sit enthralled in the red stag roar video.

Ya yai and Pippa on their nature stroll. I think Pippa thought she was being sweet to help Ya yai down these tricky gravel stairs.

Snails! We puttered along poking at every snail, rock, and stick. Aunt Kimmy and Ya yai sweetly identified each one, multiple times.

We loved our mini-reunion and hope for another in the near future!

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