Sunday, June 15, 2014


The dreaded internship started two weeks ago. It altered not only my behavior, but that of my offspring, and in ways that I am not sure are...desirable.  The time and effort required to maintain life right now means all the humor and patience I once had has disappeared. In a flash of temper I stated to my loved ones that they "WERE DRIVING ME NUTS!"

I'd like to think I said it once (really I think that's factual), but it may be those words flow freely from my lips these days. Whatever the frequency that the phrase actually occurred is not important...Fact is, the parrot of the family finds that phrase amusing and has been uttering it herself--specifically when her mother drives on winding roads.

I first heard Pippa exclaim, "Mommy, YOU'RE DRIVING ME NUTS!" while we sped along dodging squirrels. Giant squirrels with large nuts clutched in their grimy paws. I jerked the wheel in surprise as I looked in the rearview mirror at Pippa and then, thunk. 

We drove that squirrel nuts too.

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.candace. said...

Such a cute post & such a cute little parrot. :)